Hey guys! Welcome to this article and today I’ll be going over three smart science-based ways to increase your IQ which are simple ways to become smarter! In the past, not very long ago, it was believed that your brain’s intellectual capacity and your IQ was fixed when you reached adulthood. It went as far as that by age 7, your brain’s fate was determined for the rest of your life. Glad to say that has been proven false with more and more scientific research and studies done when we discovered something called Neuroplasticity.

If you break that word down Neuro means relating to nerves or the nervous system and plasticity means the quality of being easily shaped or molded. So then the full definition of Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize somatic connections especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.

This discovery showed us if we can get our brains to form new neural connections, your intellectual quotient also known as IQ can possibly increase as well brain plasticity is a common term used by Neuroscientists referring to the brain’s ability to change at any age for the better or the worst.

What we discovered is gray matter in our brains can actually shrink or thicken and so neural connections could be forged and refined or weakened and severed. You heard of the saying use-it-or-lose-it right? Much like muscle, not working out can lead to a decline in the brain’s ability to use several neural pathways which can lead to things like memory decline and decline in cognitive functions.

But what has been found is that under the right circumstances, the power of brain plasticity can help adult minds to grow! Again, in this video we’ll be going over three powerful training techniques you could do anywhere that can help you to increase your IQ which means will help you become smarter.

Now let me say this before we begin. Doing these techniques for a short time only is not going to change you. It’s going to require time and patience exactly like working out you cannot go hard on week one and slack off week 2 and week 3 you’re back to square one. With nothing. In order to see great results these training have to be done at least five times a week. Even though I’ll be showing you three different training, you still have the choice of choosing one or doing them all. Just as long as you can stay long-term with the plan and do them every day, you can find amazing results. Technique number one…


One of the most important findings of recent Neuroplasticity research is the discovery of how closely our senses are connected to memory and cognition and this specific training will aim just at that. It is called image streaming. It is believed that on average we produce 50,000 thoughts a day! If I tell you to imagine right now an elephant flying with a balloon high up in the air, you probably already pictured it in your mind. Something like this right? This is essentially like active daydreaming.

Daydreaming except you’re conscious and active while doing it. So what I mean is you’re going to use your mind’s eye to see what you picture in your head and thesis where you’re going to use image streaming. You’ll have to begin to use your mind’s eye to start describing what you see in full details.

3 Brain Exercises to Increase Your IQ

3 Brain Exercises to Increase Your IQ

Of course I recommend to close your eyes while doing this and also it’s important that you’re going to want to describe out to yourself with your own voice what you’re seeing in as much detail as possible, so let’s use the elephant example again. Right now it is a checkered black and white lighthouse and a giant white moon in the gray sky with dark circular craters.

Now I see a grey elephant floating with hot air balloon that’s black with orange stripes in a slow forward motion towards the blue ocean. See how I actually made it simple and described it in details? OH wait. That’s only one-fifth of the technique four more parts of the technique? But don’t worry it’s not that complicated.

You’re just going to have to describe out with your voice the next four senses of what you’re sensing such as sound, smell, touch, and taste. So going back to the image stream, I’m going to say I hear the ocean waves and the seagulls, I smell the mists of the ocean, I feel how the elephant has a leathery like skin, the lighthouse tastes cold and dull. When we image stream, we’re letting the visual image to be the doorway to many areas of our brain. The greater of the association of the areas of the brain that we’re using with all five senses involved in the visual image, the greater amount of the brain is being used for that visual image.

So instead of accessing only one or two areas of our brains when we think, the brain is accessing more areas when we are describing the image. In the image streaming technique with all five senses we are allowing the brain areas of the individual senses to become enlarged that it’s increasing the depth and the scope of the brain being used.

So the schedule of this is you’re going to want to do this for at least 45 minutes to a maximum of one hour at least five times week and the results are pretty amazing because what was found is the results start to take notice within two to four weeks of increased ability to form ideas, reading ability, visualization, intellectual curiosity and concentration span also increased. Doing it long enough in couple months can lead to even greater improvements that some claim they were able to achieve photographic like memory from this consistent training.

Brain Harmony

The next training technique is more of a passive type training that doesn’t require as much effort as the first one. This one is called brain harmonics. The idea is your brain operates with certain wavelengths that has bees such as Delta Theta beta which are programmed in certain sounds, brain harmonics is a technology which has been around for close to a hundred years. However, the technology has gone through many changes, innovations, and developments.

In many ancient civilization, the use of drums in a rhythmic and melodic way was useful for creating hypnotic and trance-like states. The rhythmic use of brainwave is what has been allowed for the changes to take place in our brains, so in modern brain harmonics, the effects come due to the use of tones and certain specific wavelengths within a sound and neurons may able to grow within active mental workout while you’re listening to this audio and doing something like math homework.

So if you’re going to listen to this the schedules you’re going to have to do this at least four times a week at least thirty minutes with headphones on. You could search Binaural beats or brain harmonics on the web and experience it yourself. The third final technique is a more of a fun one and a little bit unexpected!


Juggling? You heard me right. Juggling there’s been studies on how juggling has shown to cause certain areas of your brain to grow for example there’s been experiment whereas German researchers divided 24 non jugglers into groups and they assigned one group to juggle 30 minutes a day.

The scientists performed brain scans on the volunteers using MRI before and after they learned to juggle. The researchers were then able to investigate changes in the brain gray matter, the area of the brain that consists mostly of cell bodies of neurons rather than the connective fibers. The study found that the volunteers that did not train to juggle showed no difference in their brain scans over the three-month period.

How to Increase Your IQ

How to Increase Your IQ

However, those that did juggle for 3 months straight demonstrated an increase in gray matter in two areas of the brain which involved visual and motor activity. It appears it as showed improved connection in the parts of the brain that involves movements necessary to catch the balls so it is possible that juggling improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, peripheral vision, and a host of other motor skills. All right that is all for now!

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