Pritam Chakraborty

What is Arcology

The Economy of a Post-Scarcity Society

Post-Scarcity? What is that? Well it is a tricky concept to pin down, even though it means exactly what it says, a civilization or economy in which scarcity of ...
The Economy of Post-Scarcity World

Ecumenopolis – A Planet Wide City

So last week’s topic was Arcologies, the concept of self-sufficient architecture, often envisioned as giant towers that are basically cities unto themselves com...
History of Piano

A Brief History of Piano

The first piano was invented around 1700 by the guy Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy. Before that, the dominant keyboard instruments were clavichords and harp...
Why Are There As Many Males As Females?

Why Are There As Many Males As Females?

In almost every animal species on Earth, equal numbers of males and females are conceived. Why is that? Especially in populations like lions or elephant seals, where most males don’t get to mate?

Pritam Chakraborty

A simple human being. Trying to understand the nature of this universe. Love to read, listen & think.

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