Pritam Chakraborty

What is Arcology

The Economy of a Post-Scarcity Society

Post-Scarcity? What is that? Well it is a tricky concept to pin down, even though it means exactly what it says, a civilization or economy in which scarcity of ...
The Economy of Post-Scarcity World

Ecumenopolis – A Planet Wide City

So last week’s topic was Arcologies, the concept of self-sufficient architecture, often envisioned as giant towers that are basically cities unto themselves com...
History of Piano

A Brief History of Piano

The first piano was invented around 1700 by the guy Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy. Before that, the dominant keyboard instruments were clavichords and harp...

Pritam Chakraborty

A simple human being. Trying to understand the nature of this universe. Love to read, listen & think.

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