What Is Competitive Programming?

What Is Competitive Programming?

We will be talking about competitive programming in this article. So we're going to go through and find out what competitive programming is, some of the informa...
How To Become a Good Programmer

4 Vital Stages of Becoming a Programmer

We will discuss today about the four stages that you'll go through becoming a programmer, but also why knowing these stages can help you make better decisions f...
Evolution of Music

The Evolution of Music

Music has been a part of being human for almost as long as there have been humans. Music is part of what makes us human, guiding and shaping cultures, bringing ...
Effective Goal Setting Strategies

Effective Goal Setting for Programmers

So what I've found in life is you tend to get what you focus on most of the time, so I want to talk about that in conjunction with goal setting and how you can ...
Why We Feel More Stressed Than Ever?

Why We Feel More Stressed Than Ever?

Now more than ever we are exposed to a plethora of ideas, methods, and suggestions about life. The Internet has made it so we can consume and/or share a seeming...
Nuclear Fusion Energy

The Future of Nuclear Fusion Energy

Running Spaceships, powering artificial habitats or giant launch loops, or terraforming planets takes up a lot of energy and that isn’t something we have an abu...
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